Sascha Dormichian



When talking about quality of life, an intact environment is playing a decisive part. However, we are also enjoying convenience of progress. In handling with both, the waste has to be recycled thoroughly. With these thoughts in mind to take an according decision, Sascha Dormichian und Till Richter had established the company RDA Recycling Machinery GmbH in 2012. Being both well-experienced in their leadership at company Richter Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG they can bring in their longtime knowledge in global commercial transactions with industrial goods. In 2011 Sascha Dormichian has founded the company Dormichian GmbH located in Berlin with strategical consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises.  

In terms of recycling, Germany is a vanguard. For spreading this knowledge directly, Sascha Dormichian also wants to use the trade with used recycling machines and plants offering good prospects.