Europress subsurface chain belt conveyor, modular construction Type KGF LBB Year of construction 2011 Effective width 1.400 mm

Technical specifications:

  • Manufacturer Europress, Lathen
  • Type KGF LBB
  • Year of construction 2011
  • Drive power 3 kW
  • Total length 13557 mm
  • Distance tappet 750 mm
  • Height of tappets 60 mm
  • Feeding conveyor 2730 mm
  • Elevating conveyor 9827 mm
  • Goose neck 1.000 mm
  • Height of lateral wall for feeding 500 mm
  • Height of lateral wall for elevating unit 800 mm
  • Grade 30°
  • Belt width 1500 mm
  • Effective width 1400 mm
  • Weight approx. 5.800 kg

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