Paal Konti 325 E, press power 94 t, constructed in 2003,including wiring station, refurbished

Technical specifications

  • Manufacturer Paal, Germany
  • Type KONTI 325 E
  • Year of construction 2003
  • Press power 94 t
  • Drive power 75 kW
  • Connected load 96 kW
  • Rated current 180 A
  • Volume hydraulic oil 2100 l
  • Feed channel 1750 x 1020 mm
  • Press channel dimensions 750 x 1100 mm (h x w)
  • Bale weight 525-750 kg, depending on material
  • Average throughput rates:   
  • Density of 30 kg/cbm 11,5t/h
  • Density of 50 kg/cbm 20 t/h
  • Density of 100 kg/cbm 32 t/h
  • Tying system 4-fold vertical, fully automated
  • Transport dimension 12.352 x 2340 x 2800 mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight Approx 23,5 t (without accessories)

Following steps of refurbishment have been passed:

Hydraulic oil tank drained and cleaned completely
Air- and Oilfilter renewed
Press cleaned, grounded and laquered
New sealings at main cylinder, channel cylinder and free stamp cylinder
Knives and counter-knives renewed
Refurbishment of press plate
All guide rolls including bearings at press plate renewed
All sliding and guiding plastics replaced
New hydraulic hoses
Refurbishment of needle unit: new bearings, chains and needles. Needle heads are overhauled and equipped with new wire rolls
New bolts at all moving parts
All wire and guiding rolls renewed
New tension spring and buffer of the retaining clamps mounted
Electrical appraisal and troubleshooting carried out
Testing of all motors

Work still to be carried out

Complete functional test of the machine
Pressure test of the hydraulic units


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