Jumbo 8-shaft rotary dryer for biomass, type STR-8-100, year of construction 2010, approx. 18.500 operating hours

Technical specifications

  • Manufacturer Jumbo Group GmbH, Buttenwiesen, Germany
  • Type STR-8-100
  • Year of construction 2010
  • Hours of operation approx. 18.500 h
  • Pellet burner capacity 100 kW (reference value with DIN wooden pellets)
  • Power consumption approx. 11 kW/h, depending on material
  • Electrical connection 2 x 32 A
  • Compressed air 10 bar
  • Evaporation capacity 135 – 200 kg water/h
  • Efficiency approx. 0,500 – 0,750 kWh/kg evaporated water, depending on material
  • Fuel consumption 100 kW = 20 kg/h with wooden pellets
  • Inlet temperatures 300 – 450°
  • Drying temperatures 50 – 130°
  • Degree of sanitation: High
  • Reverse mechanism 8 shafts with drive power of 3 kW each
  • Ventilators: 3 x 1,1 kW (2.950 rpm.) and 1 x 2,2 kW (2.950 rpm.)

This rotary dryer is suitable for drying materials like sawdust, coffee grounds, digestates, different pomaces, animal beddings, biosolids, abattoir refuses etc. The plant had been used for liquid manure and digestates with at least 25% concentration of TS in input substrate.
For drying procedure various material can be used: Wooden pellets, agronomical pellets, gas oil or heating oil as well as waste heat in terms of smoke gas, warm air or warm water.

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